Emergency Exit


  • It is important that you have a safe email address that you can easily access while you are in this study. The following instructions will help you set up a free email account. First, choose a free email provider. We suggest you use Gmail.
  • Go to www.gmail.com
  • Click on "Create an account" in the top right hand corner
  • Fill out the form
    • You can use abbreviations for the name fields, it is safer not to use your full name
    • Remember to choose a username that your abuser would not recognize as you
    • Remember to choose a strong password that your abuser does not know and could not easily guess
  • Make sure you will remember both your username and password, if you write these down, store them somewhere safe
  • If you do not want google to be your home page or use your account information make sure those boxes are unticked.
  • Tick 'I agree to terms of service and privacy policy' and the 'next step' button.
  • Enter a mobile number and then enter the verification number that will be texted to you.
  • Some more information about safe email accounts is available at: http://support.google.com/accounts/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=46526
  • If you have any questions, or are having trouble creating an account, you can contact us at isafe@aut.ac.nz or call 0508 4 isafe. Once you have your email account come back to the registration site to get started with the study.