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Enrolments for the isafe study have closed. If you enrolled in the isafe study before 31 August 2014, please keep going. Click ‘LOG IN’.

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If you are in immediate danger, call Police on 111.

Introducing the Study

We have found that many women in New Zealand experience abuse by a partner. For women living with abuse in the home, making a safety plan is important to prevent further harm for themselves and for their children. The safety process takes time, resources, and involves considering many complicated factors. Researchers from the USA recently developed an interactive computer tool for women. Women who tested the computer tool found it offered them privacy to consider their personal safety options, informed them about danger in their relationship and they wanted the option to use the tool again over time.

Working with women in Aotearoa New Zealand, we recently revised the decision tool for our context and are now ready to see if New Zealand women will find the tool useful. This study will test whether the interactive internet based tool limits the long-term negative mental health consequences and helps to prevent further abuse.

Inviting Women to Participate

The isafe study recruited more than 340 women (16 years of age and older) from September 2012 to 31 August 2014 who were are experiencing an unsafe or abusive relationship with their intimate partner, and who had computer and internet access. It was essential that women were able to safely access a computer and the internet.

The Funder

We gratefully acknowledge the funding provided for this study by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.